RendezvousCheznous is a collaborative platform to share unique and authentic experiences in all regions of France.
To live RendezvousCheznous experience is to go out and meet local craftsmen, to discover their crafts and their products, to penetrate the universe of passionate vineyard owners, or to meet fashion designers…. and much more !
Here is how it works :
Carry out your search by destination and choose an activity you currently wish to do and the date that suits you.
Book your activity by clicking on the button "book it" and follow the instructions. All of the practical details will be sent to you.
And finally, on D-day enjoy the activity !

The advantages of


Who better than enthusiastic local hosts, either professionals or amateurs, to help you discover the region, a town or city, or with whom you can carry out the activities that you have a common passion for ?


The host who will welcome you will look forward to sharing with you and, likewise, you’ll look forward to sharing with him your experiences.


...a community of enthusiasts who have that desire to share and meet through authentic discoveries.


In joining in these activities, you are entering into a social approach by helping each host improve his standard of living.

In practical terms ?

Secure and fair

We have chosen to manage all payments so that your host and you can fully enjoy the activity without the need to discuss money issues when you meet.
We use an encrypted 256-bit SSL payment system that is compliant with the highest standards relating to online payment.
Fair because we apply a reasonable service fee on the transaction, which will notably be used to finance the secure payment system.

Easy and practical

This characterises the use of the platform.
You can easily find, select and book an activity.

Reliable and customised

Our hosts commit themselves to the dates they have indicated, and if they have specified that they are flexible concerning the dates, you may request alternative dates.
Moreover, you can also request that the activity be adapted to your expectations, but of course it must remain also conform to the specifications of the host.

Some commitments from you as a visitor

Share your good mood for the pleasure of all !
If you find yourself in the situation where you can not participate in an activity after having reserved, inform your host as soon as possible: each activity usually brings together less than 10 people in order to guarantee privileged contact, if you cannot be present, someone else would probably like to take your place !
Respect any specific rules or indications: as a function of the type of activity, your host may specify requirements for physical aptitude, minimum age… that you must accept in order to guarantee an excellent group dynamic thus ensuring that everybody can fully enjoy this moment of sharing.
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